OASC Series

Appropriate solutions for all your compressed air needs OASC series screw compressors, with their advanced design and cutting-edge components, provide high performance, efficiency and a reliable compressed air supply. Thanks to their Poly-V-tech belt-and-pulley connection and NEMA TEFC Premium engine, the high-quality screw group helps save on lifetime costs, while providing high efficiency airflow. The frequency inverter option enables the [...] Read More

OASC D Series

Superior performance under tough conditions The OASC D series direct coupled screw compressor series with frequency inverter is designed to offer high efficiency under the tough conditions of the industry. With its wide range of products, the series offers solutions suitable for the needs of different processes from textile to automotive, and from appliances to the pharmaceutical industry, all of [...] Read More

OASC T Series

All-in-One Solution Ozen Air Technology’s OASC T tank-mounted screw compressor series was designed with a view to satisfy the air needs of small and mid-size companies such as auto services stations, repair shops and paint shops and the construction industry. The OASC T series, which can be configured as needed, can be mounted on a tank, with or without an [...] Read More

OABC D Series

The best booster performance As well as increasing productivity, the OABC D series screw boosters, with their extended maintenance and revision intervals, operate efficiently and economically in difficult field conditions. OABC D booster compressors are used in many industrial processes including PET blowing, marine, laser cutting and so on. Call us to find out about the features you need in [...] Read More

ODMD Series Modular Desiccant Air Dryers

ODMD Series Modular Desiccant Air Dryers ODMD series desiccant dryers’ light, modular design provides flexibility of installation. ODMD series dryers can easily satisfy special needs and they make installation and assembly simple since they only weigh half of standard dryers with tanks. The series, with its plug-and-play design, esthetic appearance and innovative build, is suitable for use wherever high-quality compressed [...] Read More

ODHR Series Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers

ODHR Series Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers ODHR series heatless desiccant dryers are designed to provide high-quality, dry, compressed air for critical applications such as the oil-gas, food-beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Heatless desiccant dryers that provide a constant dew point of -40 °F ensure flawless operation thanks to the reliable electronic controller on board. Equipped with special valves and high-quality [...] Read More

ODBP Series Blower Purge Heated Desiccant Air Dryers

ODBP Series Blower Purge Heated Desiccant Air Dryers The high-efficiency heater and the centrifugal blower motor perform the regeneration of the desiccant with no air loss. In the automatic system, the motor draws the atmospheric air in and dries it by passing it through the heater. The hot air flows in the reverse direction of the dryer air. Advanced electronic [...] Read More

OFLG Series Compressed Air Filters

OFLG Series Compressed Air Filters ‣ NEW for OEM use Compressed air may be contaminated with oil, dust or water. If the air goes to the production line without being filtered, it can affect the quality of the final product and, hence, your reputation. The OFLG series of compressed air filters are designed to satisfy increased quality demands and to [...] Read More

OFLHG-H Series High Pressure Compressed Air Filters

OFLHG-H Series High Pressure Compressed Air Filters OFLHG-H series high pressure air filters provide high-quality air as required by high-pressure applications. The reinforced wall thickness used in the products ensures high pressure performance. ‣ with 725 psi aluminium and 5075 psi carbon steel alternatives Read More

OWSG Series Water Separators

OWSG Series Water Separators OWSG series water separators, which are designed to eliminate the water droplets and particles found in compressed air and gases, have aluminum bodies. With their unique design, they generate a continuous centrifugal force and remove wastes with a very low pressure difference, providing maximum energy saving. While highly effective, water separators cannot remove 100% of the [...] Read More