Medium Pressure Booster Series

The best booster performance As well as increasing productivity, the Medium Pressure Booster Series screw boosters, with their extended maintenance and revision intervals, operate efficiently and economically in difficult field conditions. Medium High Pressure Booster compressors are used in many industrial processes including PET blowing, marine, laser cutting and so on. Call us to find out about the features you [...] Read More

OABC D Series Ozen Energy Optimisation

Ozen Energy Optimisation Energy Cost Saving VFDEnergy CostInvestmentMaintenance Ozen Energy Optimisation on Avarage up to %35 Energy savings even during low-capacity utilization Since the OASC V series screw compressors with frequency inverter adjust the motor speed according to the actual air need of the facility, high energy use during low-capacity utilization is avoided. The advantage of constant pressure As the [...] Read More

OABC D Series Ozen Energy Recovery

Ozen Energy Recovery Reduces operating costs by recovering waste heat... Improving energy efficiency is essential for the industry. Rising energy prices and growing environmental awareness increase the importance of waste heat recovery. 94% of the energy consumed by a compressor is converted into heat. This heat is released back into the atmosphere through the cooling system and by radiation. Not [...] Read More

Industries that Use OABC D Series

Industries that Use OABC D Series Plastics/Food Industry – PET blow molding Marine – Initial motor start Metalworking Industry – Laser cutting Wood and Glass Industry – Surface coating Drilling – Deep well drilling Power Plants Chemical Treatment Facilities – High pressure oxygen supply Mines – Removal of toxic gasses Read More

OABC D Series Screw Booster vs Piston Booster

Screw Booster vs Piston Booster SCREW BOOSTER 10% higher spesific power (Full load). 15-20% lower electric consumption. VFD controlled. 8000 h service time. 50% lower service cost. 30% higher OEE. Due to sparse service and maintenance period. 15-20% lower cost of ownership PISTON BOOSTER Lower spesific power due to piston compressing efficency. Works load, no-load with higher electric consumption. Every [...] Read More