OASC T Series All In One Dryer

All In One Dryer Smaller Footprint & Optimal Solution Designed with a small footprint in mind to save space. All-in-One package produces high-quality air with great cost efficiency. Easy installation and commissioning saves time Compact Design Dryers With its separate control panel, the dryer can be operated independently from the compressor when needed. The Digi-Pro control unit on the dryer [...] Read More

OASC T Series Ozen Energy Optimisation

Ozen Energy Optimisation Energy Cost Saving VFDEnergy CostInvestmentMaintenance Ozen Energy Optimisation on Avarage up to %35 Energy savings even during low-capacity utilization Since the OASC V series screw compressors with frequency inverter adjust the motor speed according to the actual air need of the facility, high energy use during low-capacity utilization is avoided. The advantage of constant pressure As the [...] Read More

OASC T Series Quality Equipment

Quality Equipment Ozen Air Technology uses components that comply with international standards for products that stand out for their performance and durability. Adopting the principle of customer-oriented work in all the areas that fall within the scope of the quality management system, Ozen strives to continually improve its workforce and its suppliers, and to ensure the continuity and improvement of [...] Read More

OASC T Series

All-in-One Solution Ozen Air Technology’s OASC T tank/dryer-mounted rotary screw compressor series was designed with a view to satisfy the air needs of small and mid-size companies such as auto services stations, repair shops, and paint shops and the construction industry. The OASC T series, which can be configured as needed, can
be mounted on a tank, with or without a [...] Read More