OASC T Series All In One Dryer

All In One Dryer

Smaller Footprint & Optimal Solution

  • Designed with a small footprint in mind to save space.
  • All-in-One package produces high-quality air with great cost efficiency.
  • Easy installation and commissioning saves time

Compact Design Dryers

  • With its separate control panel, the dryer can be operated independently from the compressor when needed.
  • The Digi-Pro control unit on the dryer makes it easy to monitor the actual dew-point and determine the service and maintenance requirements of the dryer.
  • 140 °F max inlet temp design at max flow
  • 38 °F (3 °C) constant dew points

Integrated Filters

  • Integrated, high-performance water separator
  • Integrated filters inside the dryer cabinet minimize labor requirements
  • CAGI-approved
  • Oversized filters are chosen to extend lifetime

Filtering Spesification

*X and Y filters are standard on the dryers. P and A filters are optional.