Quality Policy

Adopting the principle of customer-oriented work in all the areas that fall within the scope of the quality management system, Ozen strives to continually improve its workforce and its suppliers, and to ensure the continuity and improvement of its products and services at the highest quality level. It builds its organization with a view to determining the processes, the parties and the risks within the framework of this fundamental goal, and to minimizing them.

In order to harness the talent, capacity and creativity of each employee, the company works on ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty by providing a safe and healthy work environment and allowing them to participate in educational and other activities that help increase their productivity.

The basic principles that Ozen commits to implement as part of its quality policy are;

  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, training employees in order to increase their technical and behavioral competencies
  • Constantly revising the quality policy to ensure compliance with the company’s objectives
  • Satisfying all the feasible conditions demanded by the customers as well as all legal conditions,
  • Applying the system efficiently to keep customer satisfaction at the top level by assuring them that they are always producing products that are at the same quality
  • In line with the continuous improvement approach, raising the efficiency of all processes to a level that can compete internationally
  • Creating environmentally friendly practices while structuring work processes in all industries that fall within the boundaries of its area of operation, taking all necessary precautions and helping all employees and partners at all levels to become environmentally conscious and responsible individuals.

Ozen Quality Assurance System has been certified with ISO 9001 2008.