Job Title:  Product Service Engineer

Job Location:  Charlotte, NC

Job Duties:  Develop and monitor all aspects of compressed air products manufacturing; investigate equipment failures to diagnose faulty operation and recommend remedial actions; oversee installation, operation, maintenance and repair to ensure that compressed air equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications; provide feedback to design engineers on customer problems and needs; perform mechanical and electrical testing to determine root cause of faulty compressed air products; recommend design modifications to eliminate machine malfunctions for compressed air products and equipment.

Requirements:   Position requires Bachelor’s Degree, or foreign equivalent, in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Position also requires at least 12 months of experience in the job offered or in the related occupation of Mechanical Engineer.  The required experience must have been gained in a company that manufactures compressed air products.

Contact:  Mail resume to Ozen Compressed Air Technology & Equipment LLC, Attn: HR, 4205 Golf Acres Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208.